The Book of James

The book of James emphasizes practical Christianity.  It was one of the first New Testament books to be widely circulated.  It features practical wisdom that is similar to the book of Proverbs.

James was the brother of Jesus and a leader of the believers in Jerusalem.  His writing jumps from subject to subject like pearls on a string, but he emphasizes that faith without works is dead.  This book reflects Jesus' words and teachings more than any other New Testament book, and it is reminiscent of the Sermon on the Mount.

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Some of the key verses and themes are:

  • 1:2-18 Find joy in the midst of trials
  • 1:2-12 The testing of faith
  • 1:5 Ask for the good gifts
  • 1:13-18 The source of temptation
  • 1:19-27 Listening and doing
  • 1:20 Against anger
  • 1:22 Be both hears and doers of the Word
  • 2:1-13 Favoritism forbidden
  • 2:10 Keep the whole law
  • 2:13 Blessings of mercy
  • 2:14-26 Faith and deeds
  • 3:1-12 Tame the tongue
  • 3:13-18 Two kinds of wisdom
  • 3:18 Blessings of peacemakers

  • Chapter 4 Warns against worldliness
  • 4:1-3 Warns against quarrelsomeness
  • 4:4 Unfaithfulness: friendship with the world is enmity against God
  • 4:5-10 Against pride
  • 4:11-12 Against judging others
  • 4:13-17 Against boasting
  • 5:1-6 Warnings to the rich who oppress
  • 5:2 Moth and rust spoil riches
  • 5:7-11 Suffering produces patience
  • 5:12 Warning against oaths
  • 5:13-18 The prayer of faith
  • 5:19-20 Warnings against wandering from truth