The Gospel of Jesus Christ
as recorded by the Apostle John

Yeshua, commonly called Jesus, is, without rival, the most amazing person who ever lived;  and He alone is the central figure of the entire Bible.

While the Old Testament is important in setting the stage for and foretelling the arrival of Yeshua-Jesus, The AV7 Bible begins with the New Testament Book of John for many important reasons.   Tap on a chapter number below to select a chapter to read.

The first four books of the New Testament are known as "The Gospel" record because they present the "good news" describing the life of Yeshua-Jesus Christ on earth; and they provide a written record of the words that He spoke as the living Word of God.

While most Bibles have traditionally presented the Gospel record in the sequence Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, The AV7 Bible begins with the book of John, followed by Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

One reason to begin reading the Bible in the Book of John is because it begins with the words, "In the beginning ..."

Furthermore, the Book of John is often recommended as the best place to begin reading the Bible.

The Gospel as recorded by John presents Jesus Christ as God, who came to earth in the form of a man. The style and content of this book are quite different from the other three "synoptic" accounts of His life.

In this book, Yeshua-Jesus' miracles are called signs. He speaks about eternal life rather than about the kingdom of heaven. Instead of short illustrative parables, John uses longer discourses to explain the principles of life in greater detail; and here, Yeshua-Jesus describes himself with several "I am" statements such as, "I am the light of the world." and "I am the bread of life."