Do you realize  that it is impossible to achieve true fulfillment in life if you do not know, understand, and actively pursue the ultimate mission and purpose of your life?

You can discover the answer to this most important of all questions  . . .  if  . . .  you earnestly and sincerely seek the answer.

However, you must diligently seek the truth, or else you will certainly never find it.

The simple and most basic fact of life is that every human being is born with a totally self-centered human nature.

Sadly,  too many never grow beyond that "It's all about me" self-centeredness.

Too many never even try to discover their true purpose in life, and consequently, they never do find and experience the satisfaction of a true sense of mission and purpose.

But it is your choice.

Most people spend (or waste) most of the hours ... and days ... and months ... and years of their life in trivial pursuits that have no lasting significance.  At the other extreme, some devote themselves to an endless chase after more money, success, security, fame, pleasure, and material possessions, etc.

However ... the truth is:

  • Money is not the answer.
  • Fame is not the answer.
  • Power is not the answer.
  • Security is not the answer.
  • Possessions are not the answer.
  • The pursuit of pleasure is not the answer.
  • Chasing happiness is not the answer.

    These are all passing fancies
    that will ultimately pass away

    Then what?

    What will be left?

    To attain true fulfillment in life

    . . .  here is wisdom  . . .

    Seek first the kingdom of God
    and His righteousness
    and all these things will be added to you.
    -Matthew 6:33